Wastewater Sewer Main Aeration


Wastewater in sewer mains can become septic due to low flow rates or long distance runs. Odors and highly toxic and corrosive hydrogen sulfide gas are some of the problems created from the septic conditions. The addition of oxygen to sewer mains can prevent or reverse septic conditions by fostering the growth of less objectionable aerobic microorganisms.

The Mazzei venturi wastewater aeration technology is ideal for introducing air or oxygen into lift stations and sewer mains. A sidestream of wastewater is pumped directly from the sewer main (or from a basin with a lift station pump) through one or more Mazzei® venturi injector(s) which aspirate either ambient air or concentrated oxygen — no need for blowers or compressors. The resulting wastewater and air/oxygen mixture is then discharged back into the sewer main through Mazzei MTM™ mixing nozzles and nozzle manifolds, thoroughly mixing the sidestream with the main flow. The more thoroughly the oxygen is mixed within the system, the better job it will do.

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  • Quiet Operation — No Blower Noise, No Splashing
  • No Limits on Water Depth
  • Simple and Flexible Installation
  • Low Installation and Maintenance Costs
  • No Moving Parts
  • Effective, Efficient Transfer of Oxygen into the Water

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