Wastewater Retrofit Aeration


For wastewater facilities requiring increased dissolved oxygen concentrations, the Mazzei venturi wastewater aeration system with a drop-in MTM™ mixing nozzle manifold and surface Mazzei® venturi injector(s) is the solution. The MTM nozzle manifold can be installed at any basin depth without having to drain the aeration basin or pond. The venturi aeration system circulates water through the patented, high efficient Mazzei venturi injector(s), delivering dissolved oxygen from the bottom up for complete aeration; and as basin depths increase, there is more oxygen transferred per horsepower than with the use of other aeration techniques.

Mazzei uses computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling to pinpoint design flaws in existing systems, enabling Mazzei to rescue facilities that have been experiencing problems and ensure optimum placement of the nozzles in order to achieve the desired level of oxygenation. With Mazzei’s in-house CFD capabilities, engineers and designers are able to discover problems and create reasonable straightforward solutions.

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Why Retrofit?

  • Extend hydraulic throughput of an existing aeration basin
  • Supplemental air for peak BOD loading conditions
  • Supplemental air and mixing for stagnant basin zones

Compared with diffusers and mechanical aerators, MAZZEI VENTURI WASTEWATER AERATION SYSTEMS OFFER…

  • Whisper Quiet Operation — No Blower Noise, No Splashing
  • No Limits on Water Depth
  • Low Operating and Installation Costs
  • No Fouling
  • Low Maintenance
  • Equipment is Land Based
  • Water Temperature is Maintained
  • Efficiency (SAE) Increases with Depth
  • High Efficiency in High-solids Basins
  • No Volatilization of Odor Compounds
  • Pinpoint Aeration and Mixing of Potential Septic Zones
  • Certified Performance

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