Wastewater Ozone for Disinfection


Ozone (O3) is becoming the primary oxidant of choice in many wastewater applications. Ozone gas is a powerful oxidizer and strong disinfectant. It inactivates bacteria prior to the discharging of the water, which has significant advantages including:

  • rapidly inactivating fecal coliforms,
  • eliminating chlorine residual and
  • increasing dissolved oxygen in the effluent.

The key to the use of ozone is the efficient transfer of ozone gas to solution and the effective removal of untransferred and entrained gas—the Mazzei GDT™ process accomplishes both.


  • compact design
  • easy to install and maintain
  • high-concentration ozone contacting
  • works at any flow rate
  • low operating costs

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WateReuse’s “The Ways of Water 2” video explains some key water provision options including Direct Potable Reuse. Using ozone for disinfection is a key element in many DIRECT POTABLE REUSE Systems.

Let us help you design an ozone contacting system that meets all your needs. CONTACT A MAZZEI SALES ENGINEER to get the process started.

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