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Technical Bulletins

Tech Bulletin 1: Suction Capacity Corrections for Liquid Suction

Tech Bulletin 2: Removal of Iron and Manganese by Aeration

Tech Bulletin 3: Removal of Hydrogen Sulfide by Aeration

Tech Bulletin 4: Use in Water Well/ Pressure Tank Applications

Tech Bulletin 5: Use in Pressurized Water Line Applications

Tech Bulletin 6: Use in Pressurized Sprinkler Applications

Tech Bulletin 7: Installation in a Bypass Assembly

Tech Bulletin 8: Use of Supplemental Check Valves

Tech Bulletin 10: Trouble Shooting Mazzei® Injector Installations

Tech Bulletin 11: Installation Recommendations for Gas to Liquid Mixing Applications

Tech Bulletin 12: Mazzei Injector Guidelines for Handling Solids during Injector & Nozzle Mixing Applications


Mazzei Documentation

Mazzei General Terms & Conditions of Sale(for Mazzei CUSTOMERS)

Mazzei General Terms & Conditions of Purchase(for Mazzei VENDORS/SUPPLIERS)

Mazzei Website Privacy Policy

Warranty for Mazzei Products

Delivery Inspection Guide

American Iron and Steel Provisions of P.L. 113-76

Canadian Registration Number (CRN) Declaration

National Sanitation Foundation (NSF-61) Compliance

Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU


Injector Installation & Troubleshooting

Anti-Siphon & Backflow Prevention Equipment Use

Chlorinator / De-chlorinator Installation Guidelines

Injector Installation Notes (English & Spanish)

Injector Installation Methods

Use of Check Valves with Mazzei Injectors


AirJection Irrigation

AirJection Irrigation (MAI) Series – Installation Guide – US

AirJection Irrigation (MAI) Series – Installation Guide – Metric

AirJection Irrigation Discovery Form

AirJection Irrigation – MAI Series Discovery Form