Boletines Ténicos en Español

Technical Bulletins

Tech Bulletin 1: Suction Capacity Corrections for Liquid Suction

Tech Bulletin 2: Removal of Iron and Manganese by Aeration

Tech Bulletin 3: Removal of Hydrogen Sulfide by Aeration

Tech Bulletin 4: Use in Water Well/ Pressure Tank Applications

Tech Bulletin 5: Use in Pressurized Water Line Applications

Tech Bulletin 6: Use in Pressurized Sprinkler Applications

Tech Bulletin 7: Installation in a Bypass Assembly

Tech Bulletin 8: Use of Supplemental Check Valves

Tech Bulletin 10: Trouble Shooting Mazzei® Injector Installations

Tech Bulletin 11: Installation Recommendations for Gas to Liquid Mixing Applications

Tech Bulletin 12: Mazzei Injector Guidelines for Handling Solids during Injector & Nozzle Mixing Applications


Mazzei Documentation

Mazzei General Terms & Conditions of Sale(for Mazzei CUSTOMERS)

Mazzei General Terms & Conditions of Purchase(for Mazzei VENDORS/SUPPLIERS)

Mazzei Website Privacy Policy

Warranty for Mazzei Products

Delivery Inspection Guide

American Iron and Steel Provisions of P.L. 113-76

Canadian Registration Number (CRN) Declaration

National Sanitation Foundation (NSF-61) Compliance

Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU


Injector Installation & Troubleshooting

Anti-Siphon & Backflow Prevention Equipment Use

Chlorinator / De-chlorinator Installation Guidelines

Injector Installation Notes
    (SPANISH) Notas para la Instalación de los Inyectores Mazzei

Injector Installation Methods

Use of Check Valves with Mazzei Injectors


AirJection Irrigation

AirJection Irrigation (MAI) Series – Installation Guide – US

AirJection Irrigation (MAI) Series – Installation Guide – Metric

AirJection Irrigation Discovery Form

AirJection Irrigation – MAI Series Discovery Form