Performance Data/Drawings (Degas Relief Valve)

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Model NumberConstructionCold Working PressureRated Gas Evacuation*
DRV07ABLFFNNPVC - assembled50 psig<7 scfm
DRV38FEACF00Type 316L stainless steel―fabricated75 psig<38 scfm
DRV48CEHFF00Type CF8M stainless steel―cast75 psig<48 scfm
DRV48FEACF00Type 316L stainless steel―fabricated75 psig<48 scfm
DRV49CHHFF00Type CF8M stainless steel―cast75 psig<100 scfm
DRV49FHAAF00Type 316L stainless steel―fabricated75 psig<100 scfm

*See LINK TO PERFORMANCE DATA located in the notes on the design drawing for actual gas evacuation rates at given pressure differentials