Spa Ozone Contacting

Successful Ozone Contacting is Achieved by…

  • Increasing ozone concentration while reducing the gas to liquid ratio
  • Operating under the highest available water pressure
  • Incorporating highly aggressive mixing components
  • Implementing an integrated system with intelligent design

The Mazzei ozone contacting system for spas fulfills all these criteria, maximizing ozone transfer and minimizing ozone off-gas.

Mazzei Ozone Contacting Components for Spas

Mazzei Spa Injector

The injector creates a vacuum, drawing ozone into the flow, and introduces it into the water stream under high turbulence.

Flash Reactor or Liquid/Gas Mixer (LGM)

The gas-liquid interface between the ozone and water undergoes rapid renewal due to vigorous mixing.

Mazzei Nozzle & Nozzle Wall Fitting

Gas bubbles are re-sheared, and the gas-liquid interface undergoes renewal. This process establishes the desired system pressure, ensuring optimal dissolution of ozone into the water.