Select an Injector

Selecting an Injector

There are two ways to choose the correct Mazzei® Injector for your application. The Mazzei InjectorSelector Tool is a web-based application and perfect for those who use liquid injection applications, such as chemigation and fertigation in the agricultural industry. Mazzei has a wide-selection of injectors to fit numerous applications and installations. Once the variables that affect system performance are entered into the calculator, the InjectorSelector Tool will recommend the best injector for your specific needs. Mazzei performance tables are available for both liquid and gas injection (such as ozone) applications. Selecting the right injector simply requires that you refer to the performance tables found in the resource section and follow the guidelines.


  • Do you want to inject a liquid or a gas?
  • Injection Rate: How much do you want to inject per hour?
  • Motive Flow Rate: How much water needs to run through the injector?
  • Inlet Pressure: What is the water pressure available immediately upstream of the injector?
  • Outlet Pressure: What pressure will the injector see downstream, after installation?

From your answers above:

  1. Locate the injector inlet pressure on the performance table which most closely corresponds to your maximum available water pressure.
  2. Locate the injector outlet pressure which most closely corresponds to your system pressure downstream of the injector after installation.
  3. Review the performance table to locate an injector model which has a suction capacity that is greater than your desired suction capacity. The total water flow of the system must be equal to or greater than the injector’s motive flow capacity (water through the injector).

Remember, for the injector to operate properly, it must experience a higher inlet pressure than outlet pressure (called the differential pressure).

There are several installation methods available to ensure the
injector operates properly.


Using a metering valve on the suction line can accurately control the suction rate. Viscosity and weight of material will affect the suction rate. The water flow (motive flow) listed in the performance tables indicates the amount of water that the injector must be provided at a given pressure. Since the injector acts as a flow restrictor, this is the total amount of water that will pass through at this pressure. The outlet pressure is dependent on restriction to flow in the system downstream of the injector. For example, if pressurized water is flowing through an injector and runs down a short pipe and simply falls on the ground, the outlet pressure (back-pressure) is nearly zero. Any restrictions downstream in the form of piping, filters, valves, sprinklers, emitters, etc. cause the outlet pressure (or back-pressure on the injector) to change. Should you have any questions, our experienced technical support staff is ready to help. CONTACT US with your requirements and allow us to assist you in designing your injection system.


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