Ozone Application Questionnaire

Our engineers are ready to assist in product selection and system design. To fill out and/or print the PDF version of this questionnaire click here.

To properly design an ozone system, our engineers and design specialists need as much of the following information as possible.

1. Is the water source a lake, river, well, or process water loop? 2. What is the water flow rate and pressure: (gpm or m3/hr & psi/barg ) Peak? Nominal? Min? 3. How will the treated water be used? 4. What is the make, model, horsepower and impeller size of your existing pump? (or provide pump curve if available.) 5. What are the pipeline/ basin/ tank dimensions and materials? (Provide a drawing If possible.) If a basin or tank, is it covered/enclosed or open to the atmosphere? 6. Water Quality:     * pH _____     * Turbidity______NTU     * Iron_______mg/L     * Manganese________mg/L     * Other metals: _________mg/L     * Sulfide or H2S _________mg/L     * Color___________Units     * Volitile Orgainics__________ug/L     * TOC _____________ (Not Required If Municipal)     * BOD/COD_____________ (Not Required If Municipal)     * Temperature________ °C / °F 7. Is filtration provided? What type of filter is used? Membrane, Multimedia, Sand, Cartridge, Other (Explain) 8. Is ozone pre or post filter desired? (Yes or No) 9. If bottling water, provide bottle size and quantity per hour filled or provide maximum water flow rate. 10. If bottling water, provide bottling line pressure during bottle filling. 11. How many anticipated hours of operation per day? 12. If there is an ozone generator already in use or that will be installed, please provide following information:     * Ozone Production: _______g/hr     * Ozone Gas Flow:_________lpm (m3/hr) 13. If available, provide a line sketch of your water systems, showing flow rates, operating pressure and major components (pumps, filters, tanks, etc.).

To view, fill out, and print the PDF version of this questionnaire click here.