Pipeline Flash Reactor™

Pipeline Flash Reactors (PFRs) utilize high-velocity mixing to transfer ozone or oxygen-enriched sidestreams into bulk water flow, all within a compact footprint. With a PFR, ozone or oxygen mass transfer occurs in the pipeline within seconds, eliminating the need for additional tanks or basins. Whether it is mixing ozone into water for purification or increased dissolved oxygen for wastewater, Mazzei’s PFR uniformly distributes gas into the water and minimizes the size and cost of gas contacting systems.


The Best Performance for Ozone or Oxygen Transfer

The patented Pipeline Flash Reactor technology is supported by years of research at leading universities. It delivers superior ozone transfer performance with proven mass transfer efficiency rates exceeding 95% with little measurable pressure loss across the mixing zone.

PFR Provides High Mass Transfer in a Small Footprint Design

Wastewater plants typically have to employ some method of treatment to increase dissolved oxygen prior to final discharge into receiving waters. Mazzei’s Pipeline Flash Reactor provides rapid oxygen transfer within a compact footprint. The system utilizes a small sidestream passed through a patented Mazzei venturi injector to draw in ambient air, concentrated oxygen or ozone. The aerated sidestream is then delivered to the Pipeline Flash Reactor where it aggressively mixes with the main flow, uniformly transferring gas into the pipeline effluent.

Where space is an issue, such as in existing built-out urban areas, the PFR eliminates the need for large post-treatment cascading systems or diffuser basins required by other technologies. The PFR can also be utilized for the dissolution of oxygen gas in systems with high dissolved oxygen requirements.

The Pipeline Flash Reactor eliminates noise and high maintenance costs and downtime associated with blowers and bubble diffusion basins as well as the problems that cascade systems have with flooding.