Attached to suction lines to prevent large debris from being sucked up by injectors, these strainers are used in Mazzei suction line assemblies and bypass kits. The strainers are available separately also.
Part NumberDescriptionWeight
S-25HBStrainer with 0.25" barbed connection for use with
0.50"/15mm and 0.75"/20mm injectors
0.02 lbs0.01 kg
S-50HBStrainer with 0.50" barbed connection for use with
1.0"/25mm and 1.5"/40mm injectors
0.02 lbs0.01 kg
S-84Strainer—without tubing adapter—with
0.50" female NPT connection
0.05 lbs0.02 kg
S-84FVStrainer with foot valve and
0.375" barbed and 0.50" male NPT connections
0.10 lbs0.05 kg
S-87PVC strainer for 1.0" suction line used with
2.0"/50mm injectors
0.10 lbs0.05 kg