Check Valve Repair Kits

Mazzei venturi injectors featuring inlet and outlet connections of up to 1.5 inches / 40mm are equipped with internal check valves. For Models 0283 and 0287, these internal check valves operate without the need for a spring.

Replacement parts for Mazzei injector’s internal check valves include:

  • PTFE suction port ball
  • Kel-F® gasket
  • Hastelloy® C-22 spring, if needed.

Part NumberDescriptionWeight
CR-1Check valve repair kit for
injector models 0283 & 0287 (does not include a spring)
0.032 oz0.907 g
CR-2Check valve repair kit for
0.50" & 0.75" injectors (EXCLUDING models 0283 & 0287)
0.064 oz1.814 g
CR-3Check valve repair kit for
C83-P PP, C83-P PVDF & old-style 1.0" Injectors
0.096 oz2.722 g
CR-4Check valve repair kit for
1.0" & 1.5" injectors
0.128 oz3.629 g