Nozzles & Nozzle Manifolds

Mazzei Mass Transfer MultiplierTM (MTM) mixing nozzles provide dynamic mixing under pressure, which results in high mass transfer. When used in conjunction with a Mazzei injector, these nozzles dramatically enhance system mixing and contacting performance. Mazzei MTM nozzles allow the delivery of treatment gases to any depth—all within a compact design with trouble-free operation and easy installation. Many models are available for various applications.

Take a look at how Mazzei wastewataer aeration works

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Mazzei MTM Mixing Nozzles Provide:

  • Enhanced gas/liquid interface renewal
  • Dynamic mixing under pressure for greater mass transfer
  • Desired back pressure to the Mazzei injector
  • Delivery of treatment gases to any depth
  • Compact design for trouble-free operation and ease of installation
  • Polypropylene (PP) construction for nozzles 3 inches and larger
  • Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) construction for nozzles 2 inches and smaller
  • A wide range of models designed to match your application

MTM Mixing Nozzle Manifolds

Mazzei MTM mixing nozzle manifolds are part of the Mazzei venturi wastewater aeration system―an efficient, low-cost, quiet solution for increasing oxygen levels in wastewater. Wastewater is circulated through Mazzei injectors creating a vacuum to draw air into the wastewater. The aerated process water is then discharged back into the tank, basin, pond or lagoon through a nozzle manifold for additional oxygen transfer and mixing. Mazzei aeration runs on low operating pressure, has low installation cost and has no maximum depth limitations.

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