GDT™ System

The Mazzei GDT process starts with the creation of ozone from an ozone generator. The ozone is then drawn into a Mazzei venturi injector, which provides dynamic mixing. A back pressure control valve adjusts injector outlet pressure optimizing ozone mass transfer in the system. Mixing and contacting are then enhanced in a Mazzei Flash Reactor™. From there, the two-phase flow travels to a degas separator and degas relief valve for additional mixing and entrained gas removal. Finally, Mazzei Mass Transfer Multiplier™ (MTM) mixing nozzles force dissolved ozone flow into untreated water in a pipeline or basin for thorough mixing.

No other system transfers ozone into solution faster than Mazzei’s patented GDT contacting process.



  • Higher ozone concentration promotes more ozone transfer into solution
  • Lower gas-to-liquid Ratio (Vg/Vl) enhances ozone mass transfer efficiency
  • Higher water pressure increases ozone solubility
  • Intense, forceful mixing allows for the rapid renewal of the gas-liquid interface, increasing the mass transfer rate and the reaction rate


  • Raising the ozone concentration while lowering the gas-to-liquid ratio
  • Operating under the highest water pressure available
  • Including the most aggressive mixing components
  • Using an integrated system with intelligent design—components of the GDT work best together, optimizing performance

Steps in Designing an Ozone System:

  1. Provide our application engineer with your water analysis: COD, BOD, coliform count, heterotrophic plate count, metals, color, pH, temperature and total suspended solids (TSS)
  2. State your effluent goals (for example: desired coliform count < 300 mpn, or to reduce COD 75%)
  3. Ozone dosage and ozone system costs are determined
  4. Custom ozone disinfection system design is finalized

To aid in system design, check out OZONE RESEARCH and then CONTACT A MAZZEI ENGINEER to start the process.