Flash Reactor™

The Mazzei Flash Reactor is a unique mixing chamber designed to promote re-direction and shearing of gas/liquid water mixture in order to enable rapid dissolution and attainment of gas/liquid equilibrium. The result is high mass transfer efficiency with minimal contact time.

A typical application for a Mazzei Flash Reactor is inline in a system downstream of a Mazzei venturi injector to enhance mass transfer of gases into water. A marked improvement in dissolving the gases into water is achieved without additional applied pressure or other modifications to the system. A Mazzei Flash Reactor is often used when ozone is added to water through a Mazzei injector at low pressures and an increased mass transfer of ozone is desired downstream.

Flash Reactors are part of the GDT™ Contacting Process. Take a look at the GDT animation and see what part the flash reactor plays.