AirJection® Irrigation

Why Inject Air Into Root Zones?

Two essential ingredients for the development of root systems in farming—air and water.

Insufficient soil aeration diminishes the capacity for roots to absorb water and minerals effectively. When soils become saturated, they can trap metabolites, ethylene, and carbon dioxide within the root zone, leading to adverse effects on plant growth and size due to high concentrations of these substances. Oxygen is vital for the survival of beneficial soil micro-organisms that contribute to enhancing soil physical properties and facilitating processes such as nitrification and ammonification.

Simply put… plant roots need air to breathe. Without adequate oxygen, soil can turn anaerobic, impeding nutrient availability, stunting plant growth, and reducing crop yields.

Why Mazzei AirJection Irrigation?

AirJection technology offers a direct supply of essential oxygen to the root zone during irrigation, enhancing aerobic activity in the soil and promoting increased root respiration. When integrated into drip lines, AirJection effectively blends atmospheric air with irrigation water at optimal levels, delivering it directly to the root zone. This innovative approach leads to improved crop yields, enhanced water use efficiency, and increased fertilizer effectiveness by providing crucial air components (oxygen and nitrogen) directly to the roots.

Since 2000, the Center for Irrigation Technology at California State University, Fresno, has conducted numerous trials utilizing AirJection technology. Data from these trials, as well as from grower installations and other academic institutions, consistently demonstrates that the commercial adoption of Mazzei AirJection technology can boost crop yields by 13% to 35% through improved plant performance and soil conditions. Additionally, quality enhancements have been observed across various fruit and vegetable crops.


  • Enhances crop yield, leaf area, sugar content, germination, and fruit density
  • Facilitates earlier season harvesting and enhances late-season production
  • Boosts root mass, leading to improved nutrient absorption, enhanced nutrient use efficiency (NUE), and reduced fertilizer application rates
  • Fosters a conducive soil environment that enhances beneficial microbial activity, thus improving overall growing conditions
  • Reduces plant stress
  • Increases water infiltration rates
  • Enhances water use efficiency (WUE)
  • Improves plants’ tolerance to salinity
  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions


AirJection Installation

AirJection can be installed using two distinct methods. You can opt for Mazzei AirJection injectors installed directly onto individual drip hoses/tapes, or alternatively, you can implement AirJection via our MAI manifold designed for oval, lay-flat, or pressure-compensating systems. Both approaches are efficient, straightforward to install, and demand minimal maintenance.

The MAI unit is positioned at the turn-out valve of the block and is able to seamlessly adjust to varying water flow rates. At the core of the manifold lies the Mazzei® venturi injector, which precisely regulates the flow of water at specific pressures. Any excess water is directed through the bypass assembly. To achieve the desired operational conditions, one simply monitors the pressure gauges and adjusts the bypass valve accordingly. The design ensures an approximate air-to-water ratio with minimal deviation.

When employing drip tape with pressure-compensating emitters, MAI is indispensable, and it’s recommended to install air relief valves at the ends of the distribution system.

For personalized guidance on selecting the most suitable method for your project, don’t hesitate to reach out to Mazzei.

Highlights of the MAI Method include:

  • Flexibility to accommodate larger irrigation blocks
  • Suitable for application in fields with irregular shapes
  • Ideally suited for employment with oval hoses or lay-flat delivery systems operating at pressures not exceeding 25 psi
  • Easy to manage and maintain
  • Doubles as a pressure regulator
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