Mazzei’s products are developed and fine-tuned using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) multiphase flow modeling and are then validated through both rigorous in-house performance testing and multiple field installation testing. In addition, third party professional engineers and certified inspectors are utilized to verify our designs in regards to proper anchor bolt design, wind load resistance, ASME BPVC, ASME B31.3, and other technical specifications as may be required on a project specific basis.

You want a system that works just as it should on day one and on day thousand-one… Mazzei-quality systems and components deliver performance that lasts. From our flagship, high-efficiency injectors to flash reactors, mixing nozzles, and Mazzei-exclusive Pipeline Flash Reactors and the GDT Process, we’ve got the systems that not only do the job right but add serious long-term value to your bottom line.