Pool Ozonation


Using ozone to reduce the amount of chemicals in a spa is a proven technology that designers and builders use to give their customers a more enjoyable experience. Ozone greatly reduces the amount of chemicals such as chlorine that is needed to keep the water safe for use. Pools, spas and waterscapes stay clean and safe with a Mazzei ozone contacting system. And it eliminates harmful ozone off-gas known to decrease the life of covers and pillows.

Using an integrated system with intelligent design, the Mazzei system components work together to optimize performance by raising the ozone concentration while lowering the gas-to-liquid ratio.

Benefits of Mazzei Technology

  • Ozone Concentration – Concentration and solubility are directly proportional so that higher ozone concentrations promote the transfer of more ozone into solution.
  • Gas-to-Liquid Ratio – A lower gas to liquid ratio (Vg/Vl) allows for greater ozone mass transfer efficiency.
  • Water Pressure – Higher pressure yields increases in ozone solubility.
  • Water Temperature – Higher temperature reduces solubility, but increases the chemical reaction rate.
  • Mixing – Intense, forceful mixing allows for the rapid renewal of the gas-liquid interface, increasing the mass transfer rate and the reaction rate.