Pool Chemical Feed


Mazzei® Venturi injectors deliver chemicals more safely and with greater precision and reliability than traditional delivery methods. With no moving parts, the Mazzei system is also a safe system because the injected material is not under pressure. If the water flow stops, injection stops instantly. Simple to use and self-priming, Mazzei Injectors are able to run dry with no problems and because they are made with special thermoplastics they last longer. The system uses differential pressure between inlet and outlet ports to create a vacuum, which draws chemicals through the suction port. Internal mixing vanes help ensure even distribution, and most installations do not require a pump or motor.

  • No moving parts means excellent reliability
  • Uniform distribution of additive means effective treatment
  • Simple to use and self-priming
  • Able to run dry with no problems
  • Strong thermoplastics means long wear life
  • Usually no pumps or motors required
Mazzei injectors are utilized by Treatment Specialties to feed
chlorine into their pools.   See Mazzei Injectors installed in
a chlorination system as seen in the March 2015 Aquatics 
International article, written by Clemente Rivera of Treatment
Specialties, about oxidation reduction potential control.