High dosage ozone system designs, such as those required by recent water reuse projects, place extraordinary demands on an ozone mass transfer system. Mazzei listened to consulting engineers, utility operators, environmental regulators and contractors to learn their diverse needs.

The Result: Mazzei’s PFR+ …the next-generation mixing technology that addresses the specific, real-world challenges in the transfer of ozone.

Mazzei utilized multiphase computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analyses to design, position and validate the internal elements of the PFR+ for maximum mass transfer in the most efficient way possible—with little to no pressure loss in the pipeline.

PFR+ Elements:

flow conditioning vanes

The precise combination, location and orientation of each PFR+ element, allow water treatment systems to handle higher rates of ozone at higher turndowns and in low-velocity situations.

mass transfer mixing nozzles

post-injection blending grid


The PFR+ delivers significant cost savings from:

  • Minimal head loss… less wasted energy
  • Thorough mixing… minimizing ozone loss
  • Compact design… replacing large, expensive mixing basins

See how the Mazzei PFR+ improves mixing and efficiency in high-dose ozone systems.

Check out the PFR+ product sheet to learn more.