Ozone Technology for Aquariums & Aquatics Life Support


Mazzei manufactures a broad line of patented high-efficiency Mazzei® venturi injectors, mass transfer nozzles, degas separators, and Flash Reactors™. Our GDT™ process ozone injection and degasification skids combine these products in a turnkey system for use in commercial aquariums and for aquatic life support.

These skids offer high ozone transfer efficiency with effective ozone off gas removal in a small foot print design. Our technical staff can assist with ozone life support applications for disease control and oxygen in both fresh and saltwater exhibits.

We supply products worldwide and strive to maintain product quality and availability. We take pride in offering problem solving equipment and personnel that work diligently to provide effective solutions for new installations or to improve the operation of existing life support systems.

  • Proven technology for aquatics
  • Our ozone application specialists have experience and expertise in ozone system design
  • Efficient dissolution of oxygen for life support with high density populations
  • Patented Mazzei Venturi injectors, Flash Reactors, and the GDT Process are considered the industry standard for ozone life support systems
  • We maintain a large inventory to ensure we can rapidly meet your ozone injection requirements

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