Ozone for Water Reuse

Water reuse has surged in importance amidst prolonged droughts, extreme weather events, and climate shifts.

Disinfection & Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOP)

In ozone-based disinfection and AOP, the adoption of a sidestream injection system coupled with an in-line Pipeline Flash Reactor™ (PFR) has gained significant traction as a substitute for fine bubble diffusers. This preference is attributed to several advantages, such as:

  • Compact footprint
  • Higher mass transfer efficiency
  • Greater turndown capacity
  • Stable residual
  • Minimal to no formation of bromate

High-dosage Ozone Systems

However, modern ozone systems with high dosages ranging from 7 to 30 mg/l present significant energy and mixing challenges for ozone mass transfer systems. Addressing these demands head-on, Mazzei has developed the innovative Pipeline Flash Reactor PLUS (PFR+), specifically tailored to overcome the real-world hurdles encountered in transferring ozone in state-of-the-art, SCADA-controlled systems.

Our newly patented PFR+ mixing system integrates the following precisely engineered components:

  • Flow conditioning vanes
  • Mass Transfer Multiplier™ (MTM) mixing nozzles
  • Post-injection blending grid

The precise configuration, placement, and orientation of each PFR+ element, meticulously crafted and validated through computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analyses, allows water treatment systems to manage higher ozone rates, increased turndowns, and low-velocity scenarios. Furthermore, CFD modeling enables Mazzei to pinpoint optimal locations for ozone monitoring sensors, ensuring precise system control.

Through adept folding, blending, and mixing without impeding the flow, the PFR+ facilitates thorough contacting across a broad range of flow rates and velocities while maintaining minimal pressure drop throughout the system. Consequently, this mixing design optimizes ozone utilization, curbing excess ozone production, and the associated energy and oxygen costs, all while minimizing energy consumption.

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