Air Stripping

Air stripping is an effective and widely utilized way of removing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from contaminated water. Air stripping systems mix air with a water supply to generate the largest possible air-water contact area so VOCs and dissolved gases—such as radon or hydrogen sulfide—will move from the water to the air. In addition to removing VOCs, air stripping is used for removing contaminants such as iron and manganese, improving taste, or removing odor. Air stripping is an EPA Best Available Technology (BAT) for some VOCs including benzene, toluene, xylene, tri/tetrachloroethylene, trihalomethanes, vinyl chloride and many others.


The GDT mixing and contacting process has proven to be extremely efficient in applying this technology in air stripping applications. The GDT process dynamically transfers gases into solution while removing unwanted entrained or undissolved gases.

The GDT process draws air into the pressurized water to be treated via high-efficiency Mazzei venturi injectors. The vigorous mixing that takes place at the injector efficiently transfers air into solution and strips unwanted materials. The air-stripped materials are removed by the patented Mazzei degas separator before they can go back into solution. Staged recirculation within the GDT system allows for enhanced removal rates of the most difficult contaminants.

The GDT mixing and contacting process, either independently or in conjunction with other technologies, is an efficient and dependable means of treating water. It offers water treatment professionals the benefits of design flexibility for any flow rate.

In addition to the technological benefits, the GDT process features:

  • A small footprint
  • Low capital installation and operating costs
  • Easy installation
  • Non-fouling pressurized system

GDT provides the user with the ability to contain and treat process off-gas effectively and efficiently.


  • Acid Water Treatment — CO2 Removal
    The ratio of carbon dioxide (CO2) to bicarbonate ion (HCO3) directly affects the pH of water—the higher the ratio, the more naturally acidic the water. Due to its corrosive nature, acidic water causes the deterioration of piping material. In fact, corrosion is the primary cause of elevated lead/copper levels in water distribution systems. The GDT mixing and conducting process provides corrosion control by stripping CO2 from water and lowering the CO2/HCO3 ratio.
  • Methane Removal
    Methane is easy to strip out of water through high-efficiency aeration. With Mazzei venturi injectors—part of a GDT mixing and contacting system—more than 80% removal can be achieved.
  • Radon Reduction
    The GDT mixing and contacting process is ideally suited to strip radon from water due to the high Henry’s Law constant and pressurized operational design.


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