Water Treatment

The increasing global demand for water, coupled with stricter water quality standards, has placed unprecedented pressure on municipal water treatment facilities to deliver safe, dependable, and visually appealing drinking water to the public.

To address these challenges, various technologies are being utilized, including the infusion of ozone, air, oxygen, and other gases into water streams for disinfection, oxidation, and gas removal. The Mazzei GDT™ process has emerged as a highly effective method for dynamically introducing gases into pressurized solutions while simultaneously eliminating unwanted entrained or undissolved gases. A typical GDT system comprises sidestream injection, a Flash Reactor™, a degas separator, and a degas relief valve.

In addition to its technological benefits, the GDT process features:

  • A small footprint
  • Low costs for capital, installation and operation
  • Easy installation
  • Non-fouling pressurized operation
  • The ability to contain and treat off-gas

Depending on a project’s requirements, a GDT system is sometimes followed by a basin nozzle manifold, Pipeline Flash Reactor™ (PFR) or Pipeline Flash Reactor Plus (PFR+) to provide additional mixing and contacting.


Optimized Design

Each system is distinctive, demanding meticulous engineering and planning. Leveraging Mazzei’s extensive range of equipment and expertise enables the development of cost-effective, efficient, and tailored systems. Utilizing in-house computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling, Mazzei rectifies design flaws in existing facilities and optimizes new designs to ensure the desired physical and chemical processes are attained. While equipment size and configuration may differ across systems, all Mazzei systems prioritize efficiency.

Whether it’s ozonation for disinfection, ozone application for water reuse, air stripping for contaminant removal, or any other requirement, reach out to Mazzei, and let our sales engineers assist in finding the optimal solution for your needs.


Performance Data & Drawings

Performance Data & Drawings

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Technical Assistance

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Knowledge Center

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