Wastewater Treatment

For over three decades, Mazzei has been a leading provider of cost-effective wastewater solutions for both the municipal and industrial markets. Today, Mazzei leverages computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling to minimize dead zones and short-circuiting, ensuring optimal mixing and mass transfer within systems. Whether addressing odor control in tanks, basins, and lagoons, reducing high biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) levels, or increasing dissolved oxygen in the most complex system, Mazzei consistently delivers results.

The Mazzei venturi wastewater aeration system starts with sidestream injection, and is followed by a basin nozzle manifold or Pipeline Flash Reactor™ to enhance mixing and contacting. This approach surpasses jet aeration in efficiency by eliminating the need for an air blower/compressor to introduce ambient air (O2) into the wastewater. Whether retrofitting existing facilities or designing new installations, Mazzei technology is utilized in various wastewater applications, including aeration, aeration of sewer mains and lift stations, ozone disinfection, and other specific applications outlined below.



  • Activated sludge aeration
  • Aeration for odor control
  • Aerobic sludge digestion
  • Ozone for disinfection
  • Post-treatment aeration
  • Pure oxygen injection
  • Retrofit aeration
  • Sewer main aeration
  • Produced water treatment for oil and gas
  • Processed water treatment for pulp and paper
  • Water treatment for marine applications

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Performance Data & Drawings

Performance Data & Drawings

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Technical Assistance

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Knowledge Center

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