Fertigation Skids

The Mazzei fertigation skid integrates premium components, a robust pump, and a high-performance Mazzei venturi injector into a unified system. This combination ensures precise dispersion of nutrients within the irrigation water, resulting in enhanced crop growth and productivity.

At the core of the Mazzei fertigation skids are Mazzei venturi injectors, engineered with internal mixing vanes to uniformly distribute nutrients throughout the irrigation water, ensuring even distribution across the field. Utilizing the flowmeter and metering valve, injection rates can be finely adjusted to ensure precise fertilizer application.

The skid’s booster pump provides the necessary pressure differential for suction without requiring additional output from the main irrigation pump. Portable and easily transportable between fields, this compact skid offers the superior mixing and accuracy of a Mazzei venturi without restricting mainline pressure or flow.

With this skid, integration into automated irrigation systems is seamless, with standard and high-pressure units available to suit various irrigation setups. Like Mazzei injectors, these skids are reliable, easy-to-use, and require minimal maintenance.

Benefits of Mazzei Fertigation Skids

  • Uniform dispersion of chemicals in water leads to thorough mixing.
  • Ability to adjust injection rates using the flowmeter and metering valve provides more options for the operator.
  • Few parts to wear or fail result in reduced maintenance requirements.
  • Sustained accuracy of suction rate is ensured over time because Mazzei injectors have no moving parts that require recalibration.
  • Extended lifespan of the booster pump is attributable to pumping only clean water, avoiding exposure to chemicals.
  • Portability allows for easy movement of the skid from field to field.