Fertigation Skids

The Mazzei fertigation skid combines high-quality components, a robust pump, and a high-performance Mazzei venturi injector, into a singular system. This synergy yields precise nutrient dispersion within irrigation water, elevating crop growth and productivity.

Mazzei® venturi injectors are at the heart of the Mazzei fertigation skids. Mazzei injectors are precisely engineered with internal mixing vanes which assures that the nutrients are uniformly distributed throughout the irrigation water, and thus, evenly distributed throughout the field. With the use of the flowmeter and metering valve, the injection rates can be fine-tuned to ensure the precise amount of fertilizer is used.

The fertigation skid’s booster pump supplies the necessary pressure differential to supply suction—it does not require any added output from the larger main irrigation pump. In addition, it is portable and easily moves from field-to-field. With this compact skid, you get the superior mixing and accuracy of a Mazzei venturi without restricting the mainline pressure or flow.

The fertigation skid can be easily integrated to become part of an automated irrigation system and is available in standard and high-pressure units making it compatible with most irrigation systems. And like a Mazzei injector, they are reliable, simple, easy to use, and requires little to no maintenance.

Benefits of Mazzei Fertigation Skids

  • Uniform distribution of chemicals in water—result… thorough mixing
  • Able to fine-tune the injection rates when using the flowmeter and metering valve—result… more options for the operator
  • Few parts to wear or fail—result… less maintenance required
  • Accuracy of suction rate is maintained over time—why… Mazzei injectors have no moving parts that require recalibration
  • Booster pump lasts longer—why… only clean water is pumped so it isn’t exposed to the chemicals
  • Portable—result… the skid is easily moved from field-to-field