Ozonation / Disinfection / Sanitation

Ozone reduces the need for high doses of chemicals, helps destroy bacteria, viruses, algae and yeasts; and oxidizes other contaminants, reducing odor and prolonging the life of equipment.

Choosing the right ozone transfer technology is very important because ozone that is not dissolved in the water and escapes as a gas into the air is wasted. Mazzei offers an efficient and effective system for transferring ozone into pool, spa and water feature water.

Mazzei components—injectors, LGMs/flash reactors, and nozzles/nozzle wall fittings—work together to optimize performance by raising the ozone concentration while lowering the gas-to-liquid ratio.

Using the Mazzei system results in the maximum dissolution of ozone in the water. This is essential because ozone in the water not only destroys microorganisms, but it also breaks down harmful chemicals and causes dissolved solids to clump together for easier removal by a filter. The result is clean, healthy water that makes it easier to relax.


  • Higher Ozone Concentration
    Concentration and solubility are directly proportional so higher ozone concentrations promote the transfer of more ozone into solution
  • Lower Gas-to-Liquid Ratio
    A lower gas-to-liquid ratio (Vg/Vl) improves ozone mass transfer efficiency
  • Water Pressure
    Higher pressure increases ozone solubility
  • Better Mixing
    Intense, forceful mixing allows for the rapid renewal of the gas-liquid interface, increasing the mass transfer rate and the reaction rate


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