Chemical Feed

Mazzei® venturi injectors provide safer and more precise delivery of chemicals compared to conventional methods. Instantly halts injection when water flow stops ensuring enhanced safety and reliability. The system is user-friendly and self-priming, while also capable of operating dry without issue, and lasts longer due to the utilization of specialized thermoplastics.

Available in PVDF, an advanced thermoplastic surpassing other plastics such as PVC, polypropylene, and polyethylene, Mazzei venturi injectors offer exceptional durability. PVDF is resistant to chlorine, sulfuric and nitric acids, ozone, and sunlight (UV radiation), ensuring superior performance even in demanding environments.

Consider Mazzei as your ultimate solution for chemical feed requirements in your swimming pool, spa, or waterscape. Here’s why:

  • Exceptional reliability due to absence of moving parts
  • Effective treatment ensured by uniform mixing
  • Simple-to-use and self-priming
  • Able to run dry with no issues
  • Extended wear life ensured by durable thermoplastics
  • Typically, no need for pumps or motors

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Performance Data & Drawings

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