Pool & Spa

From Olympic-sized swimming pools to health or residential spas, elegant waterscapes and water features, Mazzei technologies keep water safe and clean while greatly reducing the amount of chemicals necessary to do the job correctly. Whether you’re injecting chemicals into a water system or purifying water with ozone, Mazzei has the right solution.

Chemical Injection

Mazzei venturi injectors deliver chemicals more safely and more precisely than traditional delivery methods.

Ozonation / Disinfection / Sanitation

Mazzei ozone contacting systems are designed to control pathogens, biofilm and other contaminants in pools, spas and water features.


Performance Data & Drawings

Performance Data & Drawings

Find performance data and/or drawings on many Mazzei products including our venturi injectors.

Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance

Answers to your questions… specifications, installation tips and technical bulletins to assist you with your pool or spa project, plus find Mazzei documentation.

If you still have questions, feel free to contact us at 661.363.6500 or info@mazzei.net.

Knowledge Center

Knowledge Center

Looking for more info about Mazzei products for the pool and spa market?

Take a look at articles, technical papers, case studies and brochures, plus find videos and animations.