Aquariums & Aquaculture

Aquariums & Aquatics

Our company manufactures an extensive line of patented high-efficiency Mazzei venturi injectors, Mass Transfer Multiplier™ (MTM) mixing nozzles, degas separators, and Flash Reactors™. Our GDT™ ozone sidestream injection and degasification skids combine these products in a turnkey system for use in commercial aquariums and for aquatic life support.

GDT skids offer high ozone transfer efficiency with effective ozone off-gas removal in a small footprint. Our technical staff can assist with ozone life support applications for disease control and with oxygen usage in both fresh and saltwater exhibits.

Here’s why Mazzei is a world leader in aquatic life support systems:

  • We develop proven technology for aquatics
  • Our ozone application specialists have extensive experience in ozone system design
  • Our products offer efficient dissolution of oxygen for life support with high-density populations
  • Mazzei venturi injectors, Flash Reactors and the GDT process are considered the industry standard for ozone life support systems
  • We maintain a large inventory to ensure we can rapidly meet your injection requirement



The dissolution of oxygen and ozone is required in aquaculture systems to maximize production while minimizing environmental risks.  A sufficient amount of dissolved oxygen is necessary to create habitable environments throughout the entire fish farming process.  Ozone is commonly used to improve water quality and reduce pathogen levels to ensure proper fish health.  Additionally, ozone is a highly effective disinfectant for tank and equipment cleaning onboard fishing, processing, and transport vessels.

Mazzei venturi injectors and mixing nozzles have proven to be a reliable method of efficiently transferring these gases into solution while adding almost zero required maintenance.

Here are some of the stages where Mazzei can assist you in your aquaculture project:

  • Oxygen injection on wellboats during the transportation of fish and smolt;
  • Ozone injection for tank and equipment disinfection on wellboats and fishing/processing vessels;
  • Oxygen injection for land based recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS);
  • Ozone injection for pathogen inactivation and oxidation of organics in intake/recirculating water for land based recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS).


Performance Data & Drawings

Performance Data & Drawings

Find performance data and/or drawings on many Mazzei products including our venturi injectors.

Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance

Answers to your questions… specifications, installation tips, and technical bulletins to assist you with your aquarium/aquatic project, plus Mazzei documentation.

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Knowledge Center

Knowledge Center

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