GDT Ozone Based Advanced Oxidation – 2004 IOA World Congress Presentation

Wastewater Surcharge Reduction by Ozone Advanced Oxidation at Methane Driven Combined Cycle Co-generation Utility

Presented at: International Ozone Association World Congress 2004 Annual Conference Windsor, Ontario September 13, 2004 James R. Jackson, Paul K. Overbeck, David A. Smith GDT Corporation Phoenix, Arizona USA


The production of electricity through methane combustion is a primary method of converting solid waste into a useful energy source. Unfortunately, the extraction of methane from a landfill often produces a waste stream that contains a variety of toxic contaminants, including oil, 1,4 dichlorobenzene, phenols and aromatic VOC’s. Discharge of this toxic stream into a local POTW is prohibited by most local municipal authorities, requiring collection and off site processing at a specialized waste treatment facility. At a Southeastern Michigan landfill operation, the co-generation facility elected to process the methane waste stream on site by installing an ozone driven advanced oxidation process. This paper examines the operation of the co-generation facility as it relates to waste water formation and its remediation and cost savings achieved through the innovative use of an ozone based advanced oxidation process.

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