Food Beverage Surface Ozone Sanitation


GDT Ozone Contacting SkidSurfaces (such as floors, walls, counter tops, conveyer belts, fruit bins, destemmers/crushers, pipes) can be sanitized with a direct application of ozone enriched water. For inactivating E. coli and reducing the population of pathogens like Listeria monocytogenes by 99.99%, ozone is the proven solution. The power of ozone is easy and effective when applied with a Mazzei GDT™ ozonation system.

Mazzei GDT ozonation skids are able to clean in place tanks and pipelines for industrial drinking water inline applications. Disinfection begins with an application of detergent or surfactant followed by rinsing to remove organic debris as ozone will not disinfect dirty surfaces. Then the GDT ozonation skids remove methane, hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, and other volatile organic compounds from the water stream by injecting ozone or ambient air into it. (Skid flows do not need to be pressurized because the injected flow is generated by a natural vacuum created by the patented Mazzei venturi injector.) Air bubbles collect the dissolved gases on their surface and the patented Mazzei degas separator removes the entrained gases. These steps—all elements of the GDT ozonation process—are applied and effectively deliver the disinfecting power of ozone. The process is performed at ambient temperature and excessive rinsing is not required.


• High Ozone Transfer Efficiency

• Ozone Off Gas Removal

• Portable and Compact

• Low Horsepower Requirements

• Very Little Maintenance


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