Food Beverage Ozonation


For more than 30 years the bottled water industry has been using ozone to effectively treat its water. The treatment ensures a quality product that customers will pay a premium for. The industry knows that ozone treated water creates a product that tastes good and is aesthetically pleasing. Ozone (O3) is a naturally occurring compound in the form of a gas that is a powerful oxidizer and strong disinfectant. When ozone is dissolved into water in the proper amount, it rapidly reacts with contaminants and readily inactivates organisms, leaving behind pure, clean water. Mazzei GDT™ ozonation systems provide time-tested reliability in high-efficiency ozone mass transfer and off-gas control in a small footprint design. Fewer moving parts and superior technology mean minimal fouling and down time.

GDT Ozone Contacting Skid


  • Ozone Concentration – Concentration and solubility are directly proportional, so higher ozone concentrations promote transfer of more ozone into solution
  • Gas-to-Liquid Ratio – A lower gas-to-liquid ratio (Vg/Vl) allows for greater ozone mass transfer efficiency
  • Water Pressure – Higher pressure yields increase ozone solubility
  • Water Temperature – Higher temperature reduces solubility but increases the chemical reaction rate
  • Mixing – Intense, forceful mixing results in the rapid renewal of the gas-liquid interface and in increasing the mass transfer rate and reaction rate

Successful Ozone Contacting is Best Achieved by:

  • Raising the ozone concentration while lowering the gas-to-liquid ratio
  • Operating under the highest water pressure available
  • Including the most aggressive mixing components
  • Using an integrated system with intelligent design — the Mazzei System where the components work together to optimize performance

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