The growing demand placed on the world’s water, in combination with more stringent water quality regulations, has placed unprecedented demands on municipal water treatment facilities to provide the public with drinking water that is safe, reliable and aesthetically pleasing.

Among the technologies now in use for dealing with these challenges are the injection of ozone, air, oxygen and other gases into water streams for disinfection, oxidation and gas stripping. The Mazzei GDT™ process has proven to be extremely efficient in dynamically transferring gases to pressurized solution while removing unwanted entrained or dissolved gases. In addition to its technological benefits, the GDT process features a small footprint, low costs for capital, installation and operation, easy installation, non-fouling pressurized operation, and the ability to contain and treat off gas.

Every system is unique and requires focused engineering and planning. Mazzei’s broad spectrum of equipment and experience allows for system development that is cost effective, efficient, and application specific. Mazzei uses in-house computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling to rescue facilities with design flaws as well as optimize designs for new facilities assuring that the desired physical and chemical processes are achieved. While the equipment size and configuration may vary from one system to the next, all Mazzei systems maximize efficiency. Contact Mazzei and let one of our sales engineers help find the solution to your problem.

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