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Mazzei Injector Company has proven to be a leader in agricultural technologies. Click the cover of each publication below to see recent and past articles highlighting Mazzei AirJection® Irrigation.

Fresh Fruit and Rasin News July 2006

California Fresh Fruit and Raisin News ©2006

Vegetables West Article

Vegetables West ©2001

New Ag International magazine article

New Ag International ©2007

CATI Article

Viticulture and Enology Research Center ©2005

Westlands Newsletter

Westlands Water District Newsletter ©2005

Fresno Bee Agriculture February 20, 2008

The Fresno Bee ©2008

AE50 Award

AE50 Outstanding Innovations Award 2002

Bakersfield Californian Article

The Bakersfield Californian ©2001

California Farmer February 2008

California Farmer ©2008

California Farmer Article

California Farmer

Ag Alert 2008

Ag Alert ©2008

Fresno State News ©2007


Irrigazette International (September 2019): Aerating Drip Irrigation Water: Assessing Agronomics and Economics

Modern Pumping Today (January 2019): Venturi Injectors Make Their Impact (October 2, 2017): Water & Food: One Man’s Vision

Irrigazette International (May/June 2017) ENGLISH & Mazzei’s ITALIAN translation: Aerating Drip Irrigation Water Improves Soil Health

Irrigazette International (May/June 2017) ENGLISH & SPANISH: Aerating Drip Irrigation Water Improves Soil Health

Irrigation Today (October 2016): Breathing Room: Aerating Soil & Water

Water Innovations (July 2016): California Dreaming: The Need For Homegrown Agricultural Water Technology

Water Efficiency (May 2016): Optimizing Irrigation

Technical Papers

Irrigation Show (December 2016): “AirJection Mitigates Denitrification & Leaching“—Dave Goorahoo, PhD, California State University, Fresno, et al.

IOA World Congress (August 2003) “Control of Soil-Microbes for Using Air-Injection System & Attached Ozone-Gas Generator” – Hitoshi Ogawa and Koji Kato.

And other papers available upon request include…

Center for Irrigation Technology – California State University, Fresno

Central Queensland University, Australia

Annals of applied biology ©2004: Aerated subsurface irrigation water gives growth and yield benefits to zucchini, vegetable soybean, and cotton in heavy clay soil

Journal of hydrology ©2005: Two phase flow of water and air during aerated subsurface drip irrigation

Advances in agronomy ©2005: Oxygation unlocks yield potentials of crops in oxygen-limited soil environments

Scientia Horticulturae ©2006: Root aeration improves yield and water use efficiency of tomato in heavy clay and saline soils

University of Padova, Italy

L’Informatore Agrario ©2005: Iniettare aria nel suolo con impianti fertirrigui interrati