Wineries Odor Control

Mazzei Aeration Systems for Controlling Odors in Winery Wastewater

In winemaking, wash and wastewater contain large amounts of organic matter. High organic loading results in high Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) levels, and over time, the lack of oxygen allows anaerobic bacteria to proliferate (turn septic) and cause odor problems. With Mazzei AirJection® Wastewater Aeration Technology, ambient air or concentrated oxygen is aspirated and uniformly dispersed under pressure resulting in maximum oxygen transfer. The dissolved oxygen residual is maintained throughout providing efficient, reliable, odor-free operation. In the Mazzei system all equipment, except for the nozzles, are installed above ground for easy access and maintenance.


• All-weather Operation

• Effective, Efficient Transfer of Oxygen into the Water

• Quiet

• Economical

• Safe Operation — No Moving Parts

• Low Maintenance

• No Limit on Water Depth

• No Temperature Loss Occurs as Does with Surface Aerators


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