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Mazzei Injector Company is a proven leader in water and wastewater treatment technologies. Click the cover of one of the articles directly below or a title in the lists underneath to read more about our technology.

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Breathing New Life into the Industrial WatershedWater Technology, January/February 2017

Efficient Aeration in Food & Beverage IndustryWater & Wastes Digest, March 2016

Getting the Most from CFD Modeling in Mass Transfer System Design – Flow Control, February 2016

Injectors Boost Efficiency & Safety for Lagoon Aeration – Pumps & Systems, January 2016

Pipeline Flash Reactor Systems Solve Dissolved Oxygen ChallengesWorld Water, November/December 2015

Technical Papers

Combination of Advanced Aeration System and Membrane Bioreactor for Winery Waste Water Treatment – Presented at Winery 2009 Environmental Sustainability

Technical Information

Alpha for High-Solids Wastewater

Alpha for High-Contamination Wastewater

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