Wastewater Pure Oxygen Injection

Pure Oxygen Injection for Wastewater Treatment

For the treatment of municipal wastewater tanks or facilities with much smaller volume and footprint than air-fed sludge plants, turn to Mazzei.  Using pure oxygen allows for much higher oxygen uptake rates (OUR) to be sustained than when air is used.  In a Mazzei pure oxygen injection system, wastewater is pumped through one or more high efficiency Mazzei Venturi injectors, forcing oxygen to aspirate into the wastewater.  The resulting gas-water mixture is discharged back into the tank/facility through Mazzei MTM Mixing Nozzles for greater oxygen transfer.  No blowers are required which reduces energy costs and noise.  For high dissolved oxygen requirements, Mazzei's Pipeline Flash Reactor can also be utilized.  


  • Small Footprint
  • No Limits on Water Depth
  • Low Operating and Installation Costs
  • Energy-efficient Oxygen Transfer
  • Subsurface Injection of Oxygen to the Bottom of the Tank where the Head Pressure of the Water Column Facilitates Higher Oxygen Solubility
  • Very High Oxygen Utilization Rates
  • The Ability to Feed Oxygen Selectively into the Various Stages to Optimize the Treatment Process
  • Very Fine Regulation of Dissolved Oxygen Levels in the Wastewater to Prevent the Growth of Nocardia Microorganisms, which Cause Severe Foaming Problems in Conventional Pure Oxygen Plant Configurations