Mazzei Solutions for Pools and Waterscapes

Mazzei has the tools to keep swimming pools and waterscapes operating cleanly and efficiently. Whether you opt to use chlorine or ozone to keep your water clean, Mazzei has the equipment to make the process easy and low maintenance.

Chemical Feed for Pools and Waterscapes

Mazzei Venturi Injectors are patented, high-efficiency Venturi injectors with internal mixing vanes and are the perfect tool for adding chemicals to swimming pools and waterscapes. When a sufficient pressure difference exists between the inlet and outlet sides of an injector, a vacuum is created inside the injector body, which initiates suction of a liquid or gas through the suction port. Since Mazzei Venturi injectors do not have any moving parts, the probability of failure is low as is maintenance. In addition, Mazzei Venturi injectors are safe to use as the chemicals are injected under vacuum, not pressure. They can run dry with no problems and do not require external power to operate. Mazzei Venturi injectors are available in PVDF – an advanced thermoplastic that is superior to other types of plastic including PVC, Polypropylene and Polyethylene. PVDF is resistant to chlorine, sulfuric and nitric acids, ozone and sunlight (UV). Let Mazzei be the solution for the chemical feed needs for your swimming pool or waterscape.

Ozonation for Pools and Waterscapes

The use of ozone to disinfect swimming pools and spas has been a practice in Europe for over 65 years. The European Community considers ozone treatment a standard method of pool disinfection and the United States is now jumping onboard. Ozone is a naturally occurring molecule in the form of a gas that is a much more powerful oxidant and disinfectant than chlorine. The use of ozone in your swimming pool or waterscape greatly reduces or eliminates the need for chemicals such as chlorine that are not only environmentally problematic but also unpleasant tasting and smelling.

When ozone is dissolved into water in the proper amount, it rapidly reacts with contaminants and readily inactivates microorganisms, leaving behind pure, clean water… resulting in crystal clear, sparkling swimming pools that no longer cause skin and eye irritations and hair damage that are associated with chlorinated pools. Ozone is the natural way to purify your water and Mazzei’s Ozone Contacting System is the best way to utilize ozone in swimming pools and waterscapes.

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