For municipal water applications, Mazzei® venturi injectors produce remarkable results and lasting value.

Potable Water

Increased demand, shrinking supply and tightening regulation pose great challenges for those who must produce safe, reliable and aesthetically pleasing drinking water. Mazzei technologies for dealing with these challenges include the injection of ozone, air, oxygen and other gases into water streams for ozonation, disinfection, and air stripping.


Treating wastewater is a complicated series of processes that can be made much easier, inexpensive and reliable with Mazzei technology. Using Mazzei’s venturi wastewater aeration technology, wastewater is pumped through one or more high efficiency Mazzei venturi injectors, forcing ambient air or concentrated oxygen to aspirate into the wastewater. The resulting gas-water mixture is discharged back into the basin through Mazzei Mass Transfer Multiplier™ (MTM) mixing nozzles and nozzle manifolds for greater oxygen transfer.