Treating wastewater is a complicated process, but with Mazzei technology, treating wastewater is easier, less expensive and reliable. From reducing or even eliminating the odors caused by septic water conditions, to increasing dissolved oxygen levels in industrial discharge water to meet permit requirements… whatever you need, Mazzei has a solution to your industrial wastewater problems.


Mazzei has the Solutions for Wastewater Problems:

Activated Sludge Aeration

Aeration for Odor Control

Aerobic Sludge Disgestion

Post-Treatment Aeration

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Wastewater Literature

Wastewater Aeration for Odor Control – Product Sheet

AirJection® Wastewater Aeration System – Brochure

Wastewater Aeration without Need for Basins – Pipeline Flash Reactor Product Sheet


Download a Case Study

Controlling Odor – Winery Lagoon Aeration (Madera, CA)

Reducing BOD plus Controlling Odor – Fruit Juice WWTP (Sparta, MI)

Controlling Odor plus Cutting Maintenance Costs – Vegetable Processing Facility

Controlling Sewer Odor – Retail Center (Ventura, CA)

Increasing Dissolved Oxygen – Municipal WWTP (Hancock County, MS)

Increasing Dissolved Oxygen – Municipal WWTP (Butler County, OH)

Controlling Lagoon Odor plus Water Nutrient Stabilization for Land Application – Carrot Packing Plant (Kern County, CA)

Quiet, Efficient Wastewater Aeration – Municipal WWTP (Huntsville, AL)