AirJection Irrigation Research

Mazzei Injector Company has proven to be a leader in agricultural technologies. Click the cover of each publication below to see recent and past articles highlighting Mazzei AirJection® Irrigation.

Fresh Fruit and Rasin News July 2006

California Fresh Fruit and Raisin News ©2006

Vegetables West Article

Vegetables West ©2001

New Ag International magazine article

New Ag International ©2007

CATI Article

Viticulture and Enology Research Center ©2005

Westlands Newsletter

Westlands Water District Newsletter ©2005

Fresno Bee Agriculture February 20, 2008

The Fresno Bee ©2008

AE50 Award

AE50 Outstanding Innovations Award 2002

Bakersfield Californian Article

The Bakersfield Californian ©2001

California Farmer February 2008

California Farmer ©2008

California Farmer Article

California Farmer

Ag Alert 2008

Ag Alert ©2008

Fresno State News ©2007


Irrigazette International (May/June 2017) ENGLISH & Mazzei’s ITALIAN translation: Aerating Drip Irrigation Water Improves Soil Health

Irrigazette International (May/June 2017) – ENGLISH & SPANISH: Aerating Drip Irrigation Water Improves Soil Health

Irrigation Today (October 2016): Breathing Room: Aerating Soil & Water

Water Innovations (July 2016): California Dreaming: The Need For Homegrown Agricultural Water Technology

Water Efficiency (May 2016): Optimizing Irrigation

Technical Papers

Irrigation Show (December 2016): “AirJection Mitigates Denitrification & Leaching“—Dave Goorahoo, PhD, California State University, Fresno, et al.

And other papers available upon request include…

Center for Irrigation Technology
California State University, Fresno

Central Queensland University, Australia

Annals of applied biology ©2004: Aerated subsurface irrigation water gives growth and yield benefits to zucchini, vegetable soybean, and cotton in heavy clay soil

Journal of hydrology ©2005: Two phase flow of water and air during aerated subsurface drip irrigation

Advances in agronomy ©2005: Oxygation unlocks yield potentials of crops in oxygen-limited soil environments

Scientia Horticulturae ©2006: Root aeration improves yield and water use efficiency of tomato in heavy clay and saline soils

University of Padova, Italy

L’Informatore Agrario ©2005:Iniettare aria nel suolo con impianti fertirrigui interrati