Mazzei was founded in 1978 and has set industry standards for innovation and technology ever since. We manufacture a broad line of patented high-efficiency Venturi Injectors, specialized Mixing Nozzles, Degas Separators, Flash Reactors, and GDT™ Contacting Systems.

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

Mazzei uses multi-phase flow modeling to design, analyze and optimize our individual products and contacting systems. Dr. Sri Pathapati heads Mazzei’s in-house Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Department which utilizes ANSYS Fluent simulation software allowing Mazzei to characterize and solve fluid flow problems. CFD simulates fluid (either liquid or gas) passing through or around an object. The analysis can be very complex. Simulation tools enable Mazzei to easily explore and compare design alternatives and better understand the implications of design choices before manufacturing.

A combination of extensive experience, diligent and robust modeling practices coupled with careful physical experimentation, allows Mazzei to design and optimize mixing and mass transfer performance in new equipment and to troubleshoot already existing installations. With ANSYS Fluent, Mazzei possesses the capability for multiphase flow modeling incorporating turbulent flow regimes, gas volume fractions, bubble size distributions, chemical reactions, species transport, local mixing, mass transfer and more.

With the use of CFD, Mazzei is able to solve problems before they occur; and where problems exist in a current system, we are able to help customers pinpoint them and develop solutions. Whatever your operation or application – whether you’re mixing or contacting, aerating or irrigating – see how Mazzei can deliver a more cost-effective solution.

Our Mission

Mazzei is dedicated to conducting business with honesty, integrity and responsiveness in the development and application of innovative science-based technologies to make more efficient use of the world’s water resources.

Our Core Values

Honesty and Integrity… in all relationships

Respect and Trust… everyone’s voice is valuable

Reliability, Dependability and Consistency… we can be counted on

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