MAZZEI® INJECTOR COMPANY, LLC is the world leader in mixing and contacting technologies. Mazzei began in 1978 with its patented Venturi injectors for irrigation chemigation and fertigation. Since then, the company has grown, expanded and developed solutions to water and wastewater problems in the municipal, industrial and agriculture markets… solutions to disinfection and sanitation problems for all markets including pools and spas… and has developed an improved method for wine pump-over aeration.

Mazzei continues researching and developing improvements to technology for mixing and contacting to develop solutions to the problems facing us today and tomorrow. But even with the numerous patents held by Mazzei and Mazzei’s continuing R&D work on transferring and mixing liquid or gas additives into solution (including Computational Fluid Dynamics simulations), it is Mazzei’s exemplary customer service of which we are most proud.

Mazzei employees are available to help custom engineer a solution to your problem — contact Mazzei to help find your solution.

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