MAZZEI® INJECTOR COMPANY, LLC is the world leader in mixing and contacting technologies. Mazzei began in 1978 with its patented Venturi injectors for irrigation chemigation and fertigation. Since then, the company has continued to set industry standards for innovation and new technology developing solutions to water and wastewater problems in the municipal, industrial and agriculture markets… solutions to disinfection and sanitation problems for all markets including pools and spas… and developing an improved method for wine pump-over aeration. Today Mazzei continues its focus on research and development, including the use of computational fluid dynamics simulations, to improve mixing and contacting technology.

Mazzei manufactures a broad line of patented high-efficiency Venturi injectors, specialized mixing nozzles, degassing separators, flash mixers, and GDT™ Ozone Contacting Systems. The Mazzei GDT Ozone Contacting Systems transfer ozone gas rapidly into solution and subsequently remove undissolved gas. Each system is custom engineered for mass transfer efficiency and may be conveniently assembled on a compact skid frame. The system maintains system pressure, requires little maintenance and achieves a high ozone transfer – no other system transfers ozone into solution faster than Mazzei’s.

Mazzei also uses our patented products in our AirJection® Wastewater Aeration Systems. Our aeration systems provide an energy efficient, low cost, quiet solution to wastewater problems with no maximum depth limitations. Applications include: activated sludge aeration, sludge digestion, odor control, ozone for disinfection, post-treatment aeration, pure oxygen injection, sewer main aeration and retrofit aeration.

Whatever your operation or application – whether you’re mixing or contacting, aerating or irrigating –Mazzei can deliver a cost-effective solution. We are available to help custom engineer a solution to your problem — contact Mazzei today.

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